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Raised Toilet Seats – 5 Questions to Ask before you Buy!

One of the pitfalls in outfitting your bathroom for safety can be only focusing on grab bars and non-slip flooring and forgetting that you may also need to improve the safety of your toilet. Especially in the case of taller men and women, as an older adult, sitting on the toilet and then getting up, can be a struggle. This is where raised toilet seats or toilet riser seats come in handy.

Toilets in the US are generally about 15 inches in height. This would be your standard toilet. You can now get 20-inch toilets as well, which can certainly help in ensuring easier sitting and standing, but if you can’t replace your standard toilet, a raised toilet seat can give you both additional height, and additional stability if you need that. So, what should you consider then comparing raised toilet seats before purchasing one?

1. What is the additional height of the raised toilet seat and is it too much or is it insufficient?

Here at, we have several raised toilet seats that add about 5-6 inches of height to a standard toilet. You may want to conduct some experiments around your home and determine the optimal toilet seat height before you buy, rather than trying to conduct trial and error.

2. Do you want handles or not?

Some raised toilet seats also come with additional handles on the sides. These are for additional stability for the user and as a convenient way to push up with your upper body to further aid in easy standing. In some cases, these handles are not needed or can be a nuisance, so think carefully about whether you need handles actually attached to the toilet seat. There are raised toilet seats with removable handles which can offer the best of both worlds.

Depending on how the raised toilet seat is installed, those handles may not offer as much support as you need – and it may be time to consider both a raised toilet seat AND a frame to go around the toilet to truly offer support and stability when transferring on and off the toilet.

3. How is the raised toilet seat secured to the toilet?

Make sure you understand and are comfortable with the installation or toilet seat locking mechanism before you commit. Once the raised toilet seat arrives, secure it to your toilet and see how secure and stable it feels. If it feels at all unstable, even if it’s inconvenient, consider returning it for a different model. It should be firmly in place and make you feel safer and more comfortable.

4. Know your shape!

Raised toilet seats are available in both round and elongated shapes, so make sure you know your toilet shape before you purchase. If you get a round raised toilet seat, it won’t fit properly on an elongated toilet and it won’t offer a safety improvement – rather it will increase the possibility of a fall or accident.

5. Consider your weight and body shape when you purchase.

Raised toilet seats are designed with weight capacity in mind, so make sure the toilet seat you select is within the range of your own weight. There are options for everyone, so select appropriately because it’s your safety and comfort that is of the highest importance. If you choose a raised toilet seat with handles, then make sure you know the measurement between the handles and that your hips will fit comfortably between the handles. If the handles don’t work, you can always get a separate toilet safety frame for additional support.

Adding a raised toilet seat to your home is great idea for improved comfort and safety in the bathroom. Those extra inches can make all the difference for comfort and ease of use. So if you are buying this for you, or for a loved one, consider these questions before you purchase your raised toilet seat from!