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Sensors, Pads, Mats and Alarms

Bed Sensor Pad Alarm Systems are an efficient method for ensuring caregivers are aware of when their patient or loved one moves from the bed. It is a key tool that can be used in the prevention of falls. The bed pad will trigger the alarm system when weight is removed from the pressure pad. Shop our bed pads and alarm systems to prevent falls to the best of your ability, here at
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Drive Medical Tamper-Proof Magnetic Pull Cord Alarm
Drive Medical Bed Sensor Pad Alarm System
Drive Medical Safetycare Floor Mat with Masongard Cover
Econo Alarm System
Drive Medical Chair Sensor Pad Alarm System
Skil-Care Undermattress Sensor Pad
Skil-Care Replacement Under Mattress Sensor Pad
MultiPro™ Alarm System
Skil-Care Replacement Sensor Pad
BedPro™ Alarm System