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National Breastfeeding Month: Benefits and Products

National Breastfeeding Month: Benefits and Products
Breastfeeding has great health benefits for both mothers and babies. It is recommended that babies receive strictly breast milk for the first 6 months, then other foods are to be slowly introduced along with the breast milk for the following 6 months. Not only is breastfeeding beneficial for health reasons, but it also creates a special bond between mother and baby right away. 

Baby Benefits
Breast Milk contains the right balance and nutrition of what a baby needs. The milk even changes over time to provide what the baby needs for the first year of their life. Because of this proper balance, the milk is safe for the baby’s digestive system.

The antibodies the mother produces after being exposed to a virus or bacteria are transferred to the baby through her breast milk. These antibodies help the baby’s immune system to fight of viruses and bacteria. Breast milk also drastically reduces the risk or severity of diseases such as middle ear infections, respiratory tract infections, gut infections, intestinal tissue damage, allergic diseases,celiac disease, diabetes, childhood leukemia, and several more.

The process of breastfeeding promotes healthy weight. Since it is up to the baby of how much to eat, they only eat until they satisfy their hunger. This helps instill healthy eating habits and prevent overeating. Obesity rates are 15-30% lower in babies who are breastfed.

Mother Benefits 
Due to the hormonal changes and extra calorie burning with breastfeeding, mothers are able to lose the pregnancy weight faster.

During pregnancy, the uterus grows immensely to make room for the baby and does not immediately go back to its normal size after birth. A hormone called oxytocin, produced during labor and breastfeeding, helps shrink the uterus, and decrease blood loss. Mothers who breastfeed have more oxytocin in their bodies which increases the rate at which the uterus returns to its proper, smaller size.

It has been proven that there is a link between the amount of time a woman breastfeeds and her decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding mothers are also at lower risk for high blood pressure, high blood fats, heart disease, arthritis, and type 2 diabetes.

Along with the health benefits, breastfeeding is cheaper and less time consuming. One does not have to buy formula, warm up bottles or figure out the baby's daily intake.

Lansinoh® SignaturePro™ Breast Pump Kit
 : Perfect for busy breastfeeding moms. The pump prevents milk back up and is the perfect size to throw in your diaper bag to pump on-the-go.

Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bottle : Great to store milk for when you’re out in public or have a babysitter but your baby is hungry. 

Boppy® Pillow Cover : You can't do it all. This pillow supports the baby's head, allowing you to focus on feeding instead of holding their head. 

Curity™ Nursing Pad : Don’t let leaking milk ruin your outfit. These pads are great for between feeding times to absorb excess milk. 

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