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Living with Incontinence, Why Skin Care is a Priority

Abena Personal WipesWhen you or a loved one is dealing with the challenge of incontinence, you typically focus on the most immediate need, which is incontinence pads, briefs or adult diapers to improve control and quality of life. But you can end up overlooking one of the most important aspects of incontinence management, which is skin care.

When dealing with incontinence, especially if you or your loved one has limited mobility, skin care becomes a major issue. Consistent exposure to urine or fecal matter can create a situation where skin is consistently moist and exposed to bacteria, which can create skin problems or even infections.

It’s important to stay clean and dry as much as possible to preserve skin strength and elasticity. Perineal skin is at particular risk. Avoid discomfort for yourself or your loved one by taking the time to develop a good skin care cleansing and care regimen right from the start.

Everyone coping with incontinence should be adding the following incontinence skin care supplies to their cart:
Typical skin conditions that can result from not taking care of your skin include things like redness, itchiness, peeling, chafing, yeast infections or even dermatitis. In the most serious cases, bed sores or other infections can result, which can lead to more serious complications.

SkyBlue Tip: When you are talking to your healthcare provider, don’t just take the samples they offer – have a real discussion about the incontinence and bring a notebook! Is it short term incontinence or is it going to be an ongoing challenge? What incontinence products have they had luck with? What product mix would they recommend? Then, do your research online to find the best value. But don’t shop on price alone – this is not a condition or a situation that you want to leave up to chance.

3m barrier creamIdeally, after every use of an incontinence product, you would cleanse using personal wipes or a perineal wash. After this step, you would apply an incontinence barrier cream, which keeps your skin moisturized and protected until the need to cleanse again.

If you have contracted any kind of skin infection, you should seek medical attention sooner rather than later, and get any recommended treatment products like anti-fungal creams or powders.

SkyBlue Tip: Make sure you read your packaging to see if your personal wipes can be flushed! If they can’t, we recommend buying a trash receptacle that can hold a trash bag and that has a lid for your restroom for easy disposal without clogging your pipes!

Remember, your skin is incredibly important to care for – especially when you are working with the challenge of adult incontinence. If you take care of your skin, it will certainly take care of you.

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