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Lancets offers a full array of lancets, push button lancets and lancing devices for your blood sampling and medical needs. Typically a staple diabetic supply, our options for lancets can help you manage your condition at a good value. If you are testing you blood for diabetes or some other condition, our disposable lancets and sterilized lancing devices will help you safely complete your capillary blood sampling. Take a moment to check out all of our diabetic supplies - not only will you find sterilized lancets, but you'll also find blood glucose monitors, compression garmets, alcohol prep pads and other necessary diabetes medical supplies.
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McKesson Safety Lancets
Medlance® Plus Safety Lancet
SensiLance™ Safety Lancets
BD Microtainer™ Safety Lancets
Surgilance® Safety Lancets
Unistik® 2 Extra Safety Lancets
McKesson Prevent® Safety Lancets
Softclix Lancets
Unistik® 3 Extra Safety Lancet
Unistik® 2 Normal Safety Lancet
McKesson Lancets
Accu-Chek® FastClix Lancet
Accu-Chek® FastClix Lancet Device Kit
Unistik® 3 Comfort Safety Lancet
Unistik® 2 Comfort Safety Lancet
Unistik® 3 Normal Safety Lancet