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Knee Pain Release Exercises

Knee Pain Release Exercises
The proper function of one's knee joints is very important for simple tasks such as standing up or walking. There are a couple ways to help relieve knee pain. Depending on your weight, if it is safe and healthy, losing weight can reduce the strain put on your knees from body weight. Daily exercises are another way to help your joints.

Sitting Knee Extensions
1. Sit on the edge of a chair
2. Keep your back straight the whole time
3. Keep one leg planted on the ground
4. Raise the other foot straight out,
5. Keep your knees and thighs together, creating a 90 degree angle with the bottom half of your legs
6. Hold a few seconds
7. Lower your foot back down to the starting position
8. Repeat 10 times with each leg
Add ankle weights to add difficulty

Standing Knee Curls
1. Stand facing the back of a sturdy chair with your hands on top to aid your balance
2. Keep one leg straight
3. Bend your other leg straight back and raise your heel to your buttocks
4. Hold for a few seconds
5. Return to starting position
6. Repeat each leg 10 times
Add ankle weights to add difficulty

Chair sits
1. Sit on the edge of a chair
2. Keep your feet planted on the floor and back straight
3. As you inhale, stand up
4. As you exhale, sit back down
5. Engage your abdominal muscles to make this movement easier
6. Repeat this 10-15 times

Wall Sits
1. Stand with your back against the wall and feet approximately 12 inches away from the wall
2. Bend your knees and slide your back down the wall until your legs are at a 90 degree angle
3. Hold for a few seconds
4. Slide your back back up the wall to the starting position
5. Repeat 10-15 times
6. Hold small weight dumbbells to add difficulty

Step Ups
1. Stand in front of a 6-10 inch box or at the end of your stairs
2. Set onto the box or step
3. Set down from the box or step back to your starting position
4. Repeat, alternating which foot you start stepping with
Add ankle weights to add difficulty

Stationary biking and swimming are more advanced exercise that are also great ways to stay active without having too much pressure on one's knees.

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