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July 15th, National Ice Cream Day

July 15th, National Ice Cream Day

Our dreams are all coming true: there’s a whole day set aside for celebrating ice cream! In fact, we have an entire month to celebrate—in 1984, President Ronald Reagan signed a proclamation declaring July as National Ice Cream Month, to be observed especially on the third Sunday of July, which is now National Ice Cream Day. Let’s talk a little bit more about America’s favorite desert, because who doesn’t love ice cream?

How you can celebrate

National Ice Cream Day may not be as well-known as Christmas or Halloween, but that doesn’t mean you should celebrate it any less! Here are some ideas for how you can have fun with ice cream this July 15th:

Share a cone with a loved one. 

There’s nothing better than sitting back and sharing one of life’s greatest pleasures—good ice cream—with someone you love.

Eat a bit of ice cream with every meal.

Now, we don’t want to encourage unhealthy habits, but there’s no harm in having a few spoonfuls of ice cream throughout the day with your meals! You could have a fresh strawberry ice cream with breakfast, a classic chocolate with your lunch, a savory salted caramel with dinner, and end the day with a refreshing mint chocolate chip. The combinations are endless!

Mix up your ice cream habits.

National Ice Cream Day is the perfect opportunity to get creative with how you eat your ice cream. Try making an ice cream sandwich with two cookies and a scoop of your favorite flavor, branch out and try a new topping combination, or maybe even make an ice cream cake!

A world of flavors

There are thousands of ice cream flavors out there. From basic vanilla and strawberry to roasted garlic and lobster, there’s truly a flavor for everyone in the ice cream world. Check out a few of these wacky flavors to get your imagination revved up for National Ice Cream Day!

“Cold Sweat”

This ice cream comes from Sunni Sky’s Homemade Ice cream, an ice cream parlor based in North Carolina. The ice cream looks mild enough in pictures…but there’s a catch. This ice cream is actually made with some of the hottest peppers in the world—so hot, in fact, that you have to sign a waiver before you eat it! Are you daring enough for this flaming flavor?

“Thanksgiving Dinner”

The Ice Cream Store, located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, specializes in crazy, over-the-top flavor combinations. Their Thanksgiving Dinner flavor is no exception—this ice cream is packed with pasteurized egg yolks, Hot Sauce, and Campbell’s tomato juice. Why it’s called “Thanksgiving Dinner” is beyond me. Maybe one of you will have to go out and try it for us!

“Secret Breakfast”

San Francisco-based ice cream parlor Humphry Slocombe specializes in ever-changing flavor rotations. Their flavor “Secret Breakfast” is a signature hit. The flavor is made with bourbon (yes, bourbon!) and corn flakes—that’s quite a breakfast!

A homemade touch

If you want to dabble in the world of homemade ice cream this National Ice Cream Day, why not try out a few of our favorite ice cream recipes?

Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Brownie Bits

Get the Milk Chocolate Ice Cream with Brownie Bits recipe from Annie’s Eats.

Toasted Marshmallow Coconut Milk

Get the Toasted Marshmallow Coconut Milk Ice Cream recipe from How Sweet It Is.

Strawberries and Angel Food

Get the Strawberries and Angel Food Ice Cream recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

Classic Peach Ice Cream

Get the Peach Ice Cream recipe from Annie’s Eats.

Thrive ice cream: a health-conscious choice

For as delicious as ice cream is, it’s definitely not the most nutritious dessert option. Luckily for us, there’s a company out there that specializes in making low-sugar, highly nutritious ice creams! Thrive Ice Cream is a company that makes real ice cream with real health benefits. Just like how meal supplement nutrition shake companies, like Ensure, Thrive packs their product with healthy nutrients and eliminates the less-than-healthy ingredients. There are 24 vitamins and minerals in each pack of Thrive ice cream. But the health benefits don’t stop there: each serving of ice cream also has natural soluble fiber, quality proteins, and four strains of probiotics that aid in digestion and boost immune health. On top of that, Thrive has reduced lactose content enough so that lactose intolerant folks can also enjoy Thrive without the painful digestive aftermath! With delicious flavors like creamy vanilla and classic chocolate available, you won’t even know you’re not eating regular ice cream. Who would have thought eating ice cream could be healthy?

Remember to laugh

National Ice Cream Day is all about lighthearted fun. We thought a good way to kickstart some of this fun would be to gather up some funny and cute images involving ice cream and put them all in one place. Enjoy!

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