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Sterilization Indicators

Sterilization indicators are designed to determine whether the necessary conditions have been met in order for the sterilization process to be complete. These indictaors range in type from tape to strips to vials. SkyBlue is here to provide you with a full inventory of indicators to ensure that your sterilization process is successful. 
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McKesson Sterilizer Monitoring Mail-In Service
3M™ Comply™ Steam Indicator Tape
Comply™ Sterilization Bowie-Dick Test Pack
McKesson Steam Indicator Tape
STER-ALL® Performance Sterilization Biological Indicator Vial
McKesson Sterilization Biological Indicator Vial
Comply™ SteriGage™ Sterilization Chemical Integrator Strip
Attest™ Sterilization Biological Indicator Vial