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Healthy Aging Month: How to Stay Young!

Healthy Aging Month: How to Stay Young!
You may not be able to stop aging, but you can slow down the process. There are several lifestyle choices that one can make to improve their health and prevent aging.

What to eat 
Cut back on butter, sugar, salt, fatty meats, and packaged foods. Instead, opt for veggies, fruits, nuts, low fat dairy, and whole grains. This way of eating protects against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimers, and Parkinson’s disease. It is also important to add fiber into one's diet as it helps lower cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Stay Active
30 minutes a day of walking is all one needs to get their heart rate up and blood flowing again. This short period of time can have a drastic, positive effect on one's quality of life. People are happier due to the release of endorphins. There is an increase in bone and muscle strength. The improvement of posture, flexibility, and balance can be a result. After exercise, one often sleeps better and experiences less chronic pain. Just 30 minutes a day can keeps ones body feeling younger.

If a senior citizen feels lonely or left out, they are more likely to get depression or dementia. They also have higher levels of stress, resulting in inflammation that may lead to arthritis or diabetes. As people become more lonely, they struggle with everyday tasks such as walking up the stairs. Simple ways to stay connected are to eat dinner, play games, or join a book club with others. Doing volunteer work is another great way to give one's life purpose to help with loneliness. 

Keep you brain sharp 
Alzheimer's and dementia affect and upsetting amount of the elderly population. It is important to keep one's mind active to prevent or delay the effects of these diseases. Try playing sudoku or other brain games, learning a new language or read a book to keep one's mind active and sharp. 

Go to the Doctor 
As one ages, it is important to go to the doctors such as regular check ups, the dentist, and optometrist more, not less. With age comes higher risks for diseases, cavities and other health risks that doctors are able to catch and treat if found in time. Doctors can prescribe the proper medication, run blood tests, do a fun body check, and monitor glucose and cholesterol levels. Do not neglect yourself, take care of yourself. 

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