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Floods can happen with very little warning. Most homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover costs associated with flood damage. You will most likely need to purchase a separate Flood Insurance policy to keep your home and valuables fully protected.

Flood Insurance comes with great options to protect you from any damage caused by a flood. Some of these coverage options include:

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According to the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) guidelines. There are a few things that are left without protection in a Flood Insurance coverage.  This includes:

-Avoidable moisture or mold/mildew damage

-Currency, precious metals, and paper valuables like stock certificates

-Decks, fences, patios, landscaping, wells and septic systems, and hot tubs and pools

-Living expenses, like temporary housing

-Cars and other self-propelled vehicles (Can be covered with Auto Insurance)

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SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized representative for some of the leading Flood Insurance providers in the nation. We have a great quote system that will shop your policy and compare it to other policies in order to ensure that you are paying the best rates for Flood Insurance.

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