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Encouraging Seniors' Independence

Encouraging Seniors' Independence

We want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day!!


In honor of Independence day, we want to discuss our seniors and encouraging their independence in their daily lives. The feeling of losing independence can be detrimental to anyone’s quality of life, especially for seniors. Therefore, as caregivers it is our job to encourage the independence of our seniors in order to help them maintain a high quality of life and overall happiness. In fact, it has been proven that keeping our seniors physically and mentally independent allows them to stay healthier and live independently longer.

In order to help the seniors in our lives stay independent, it is important to help them stay connected with their loved ones and the outside world. Isolation can be detrimental to their mental state, therefore inhibiting what they are able and willing to do physically. Staying connected to their friends and family, whether through telephone or physical visits, can help seniors to stay socially engaged. Accompanying them on errands, playing games at home with them, or even a simple phone call can make a huge difference. Companionship is vital in order for our seniors to live happy and independent lives.

Continuing with the theme of being social resulting in independence, there are many activities that seniors can take part in with other seniors in every city. Bingo, fitness classes, and art experiences are just a few examples of activities that seniors can engage in with each other. This allows our seniors to have parts of their lives independent of their caregivers, while also keeping them socially engaged with society. This way, even if the senior in your life lives alone, they are not going to be lonely.

There are many other ways caregivers can help seniors maintain their independence. Work together to brainstorm ideas that are ideal for your senior and help them continue to live a long and healthy life!

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