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Dressing Aids offers a variety of dressing aids for you or your loved one, including shoehorns, stocking aids, and stocking donners. These dressing aids are designed to improve the dressing process and make it one that is easy to accomplish on your own. Find the dressing aids that you've been looking for here at
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Maddak Shoehorn
Mabis Healthcare Shoehorn
Carex Healthcare Shoehorn
Fabrication Enterprises Shoehorn
Deluxe Sock and Stocking Aid
Jobst® Sock and Stocking Donner
Drive Medical Lifestyle Essentials Sock and Stocking Aid
Drive Medical Blue Max Metal Shoehorn
Drive Medical Dressing Stick / Shoe Horn
Drive Medical Dressing Stick
Fabrication Enterprises Dressing Stick
Maddak Button Aid / Zipper Pull
Maddak Dressing Stick / Shoe Horn
Maddak Sock and Stocking Aid
Fabrication Enterprises Sock and Stocking Aid
Carex Healthcare Sock and Stocking Aid