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Medical Walking Canes

Walking Canes are mobility aids that are extremely useful for those who many need extra assistance in getting around, but don't necessarily need a scooter or rollator. offers walking canes in a variety of different styles, colors, and sizes. Each of them are designed to provide comfort and stability as you or a loved one moves around. If you are looking for a mobility aid that can help you stay on the go, one of our various walking canes may be the aid for you!
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Carex Healthcare Offset Cane
Drive Medical Offset-Handle Cane
Carex® Adjustable Cane
Drive Medical Cane Sling Seat
Drive Medical Tripod Tip, Cane
Drive Medical Hurrycane® Freedom Edition™
McKesson Standard Cane
McKesson Quad Cane
McKesson Offset Cane
McKesson Folding Cane
Carex® Standard Cane
Drive Medical Cane Tip
Drive Medical Bariatric Quad Cane
Drive Medical Folding Cane For Blind
Drive Medical Cane Tip
Drive Medical Quad Canes, Small Base with Gel Grip