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October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
An upsetting amount of women have been diagnosed with breast cancer and even more are ffected through family and friends. In 2018, about 266,00 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed making it a 1 in 8 odds that a women will develop cancer.  

Breast Help Tips 

1. Stay active. Doctors recommend getting 150 hours of exercise a week. Fat cells produce estrogen which has been linked to cancer. Exercise shrinks fat cells, reducing the amount of estrogen being released into one's body and their risk of breast cancer.

2. Stop your bad habits. Alcohol intake increases the risk of breast cancer. Smoking has also been linked to the development of cancer. Live a clean lifestyle to reduce your risk.

3. Treat yourself. There are compounds in dark chocolate that have been proven to fight cancer cells. That does not mean overload on dark chocolate.

4. Practice frequent personal breast exams. Consult a doctor if you notice anything different such as lumps or skin changes.

Breast Cancer Myths

Myth: Most people who are diagnosed with breast cancer have known family history.
Fact: Only about 5-10% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are due to hereditary causes. The majority have no previous family history of breast cancer. However, if you do have a family history, it should be taken very seriously as it increases your risk

Myth: Wear a bra too much can cause breast cancer
Fact: There is no evidence that wearing a bra, especially an underwire bra, can cause cancer or increase one's risk. Despite the claims, there is no support.

Myth: Breast cancer only occurs in middle-aged women
Fact: Breast cancer does not discriminate against age or gender. While the majority of breast cancer is found in women ages 50-70, women under 40 and some men have also been diagnosed. Men may not of breast but they do have breast tissue, making it possible but very very rare for them to develop breast cancer.

Myth: Having your cellphone in your bra, increases your risk of breast cancer
Fact: No connection has been made between cellphones and breast cancer. People have put the blame of younger women developing breast cancer on the radiation given off by cell phones. There has been no proven link between cell phones and breast cancer. However, it is recommended to be safe with cell phones until there is more information about their radiation effects.
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