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Brand Spotlight: TENA

Brand Spotlight: TENA

About TENA

According to TENA's very own website, TENA is dedicated to improving the quality of everyday life for anyone dealing with what they call the “Unexpected Leak,” or incontinence. TENA wants to help everyone who deals with incontinence to live life fearlessly. They also actively strive to dispel myths and taboos surrounding incontinence that persist in our society.

TENA is the name brand under which Essity Hygiene Products (or just Essity) sells their incontinence and absorbent products. Essity is the worldwide leader in incontinence management, and they are constantly working to develop new products with innovative technologies that minimize the impact that incontinence has on people’s lives. For more information on Essity and what they’re all about, see TENA’s About Us webpage.

Essity’s Mission

Essity’s mission is all about people and providing better care. They are committed to improving the lives of people living or working with incontinence around the world. TENA’s website puts it best when they say that Essity, the maker of TENA, is dedicated to the idea that incontinence shouldn’t stop people from leading a full and happy life. This core idea lies at the heart of everything they do at Essity, and it’s reflected in the quality of their TENA products.

TENA Products

TENA offers a wide range of incontinent products for men, women, and caregivers. TENA promises to deliver faster absorption, advanced odor protection, and peace of mind with their products.

For Women

TENA products are designed with your lifestyle in mind. That means you don’t have to change the way you live because of a pesky incontinence nuisance. Sign me up!

TENA offers a huge selection of products for women, including pantiliners and ultra-thin pads, pads, underwear, briefs, and pad & pants systems.

Popular Products

Serenity Intimates Ultimate Pads     Intimates Overnight Underwear        Intimates Moderate Regular Pads

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For Men

TENA is equally dedicated to developing superior men’s incontinent products. Just like with the women’s products, TENA’s men’s line is specially formed to mesh with your lifestyle and needs.

TENA offers a wide range of products for men, including guards, underwear, briefs, and pad & pants systems. 

Popular Products

Men Bladder Control Pad                                          Men Absorbent Super Plus Underwear

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For Caregivers

TENA is dedicated to providing products that help you help the person you love. With TENA products, relief from incontinence struggles is only a moment away.

In addition to the gender-specific products that TENA offers, they also have a selection of wipes, creams, and underpads that can help both men and women.

Popular Products

Regular Underpad                                              Stretch Ultra Incontinent Brief (Unisex)          Skin Protectant

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Additional TENA Resources

TENA’s webpage offers much more than just incontinence products. Here’s a selection of support resources you can find on the TENA webpage:

TENA YouTube Channel

TENA also has a YouTube channel! Visit their channel to see product reviews, customer testimonials, and TENA news and product uploads.

Final Thoughts

We hope this brand spotlight has given you a little more insight into what TENA is all about and what kind of products they offer. What experiences do you have with TENA products? Do you have any favorites? Do you have any special tips or tricks when it comes to incontinence products in general? Let us know in the comments below!

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