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Beware Scurvy... A Pirate's Warnin'

Beware Scurvy... A Pirate's Warnin'

Scurvy be th' absolute worst fer us pirates. Th' last thin' ye wants when ye're packed inside a smelly, dirty pirate ship be a health complication. 'n scurvy be jus' ghastly—it makes our gums red 'n tender, our teeth fall out, we feel weak, 'n our whole body be sore. Our hair even gets brittle 'n breaks off! It’s hard t' intimidate innocent trade ships when yer whole crew be pathetic 'n sickly lookin'!

Scurvy happens when th' body doesn’t get enough Vitamin C. But, seein' as Vitamin C comes from fresh fruits 'n vegetables, it’s hard fer us pirates t' get enough o' it when we’re out lootin' 'n ransackin' fer months on th' open sea.

And it’s nah jus' pirates that must beware scurvy on th' open sea—any regular ole sailor can get it if they’re nah eatin' right. In fact, about 2 million sailors died from scurvy durin' th' height o' sailin' 'n sea exploration. Large numbers o' crewmates would die from scurvy durin' extended voyages… leavin' us pirates in quite a bind. Ye can’t pillage 'n plunder without a full crew, aft all!

Th' good news be that scurvy be rarely an issue in today’s world.  When scurvy does occur, it’s in developin' countries that 'ave issues wit' malnutrition. But most o' ye modern lot don’t 'ave t' worry—ye get enough Vitamin C in yer daily diet t' fight off th' dreaded scurvy virus wit' no problem. But that doesn’t mean ye should become lazy 'n stop payin' attention t' wha' ye eat. It’s important t' make sure ye get enough o' all vitamins, includin' Vitamin C, in yer daily diet. Speak wit' a doctor or nutritionist if ye 'ave questions on yer dietary specifications. Remember that ye can always take vitamin supplements if ye find ye be nah gettin' enough vitamin support from th' grub ye eat.

Heed this pirate’s warnin’—beware scurvy, 'n eat healthy!

Wha' do ye do t' make sure ye’re gettin' all yer necessary vitamins 'n minerals? Let us know in th' comments section below!

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