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Appreciate your Caregivers!

Appreciate your Caregivers!
Caregivers can be professionals, family members, or friends  who are either paid or unpaid. Many senior citizens need assistance in some way, some more than others. Different conditions require different amounts of help. They manage not only their own lives but others too. Caregivers do household chores such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking meals. They help with medical needs whether that is doctors appointments or medicine distribution. They must also bath and change those they are taking care of. Most importantly, caregivers provide company and someone to talk to.

How to thank them:

Just saying Thank You:
Simply acknowledging them will mean a lot. 
A Card: While a store-bought card is a nice gesture, a homemade card has an additional meaning gratitude. Showing that you put in the time and effort to thank them will mean even more than the card itself. 

A Gift: Get them something that will allow them to relax or enjoy themselves after all the work they do. A spa day with a massage, a gift card for a night out to dinner, or tickets to a show. You can also give them flowers to put a smile on their face. 
A Day Off: Give them time to themselves, or to do something they want. It is important for Caregivers to take care of themselves too. Find someone to cover for the caregiver and do not take no for an answer. 
Donate: Find a charity that is special to the caregiver. Donate money or other things needed to the organization on their behalf. 

From everyone here at SkyBlue, we would like to thank all Caregivers for what they do! 

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