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Do you use social media to choose products? -Wednesday, February 21, 2018
According to Forbes: "82% of boomers who use the internet have at least one social media account, and they have an average of 4.6 social media accounts, with Facebook and LinkedIn as the leading platforms."
Sticking to Healthy Eating Habits around the Holidays
Sticking to Healthy Eating Habits around the Holidays

November is American Diabetes Month. Whether you need to eat healthy because of diabetes or just because you want to be a little healthier, here are some ideas for how you can stick to healthy eating ...

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Gordon Parker: A Soldier's Story of Resiliency
Gordon Parker: A Soldier's Story of Resiliency

Meet Gordon Parker, a Korean and Vietnam War veteran. His story of resilience, service, and quiet fortitude will leave you in awe.

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Welcome to SkyBlue™ where we hope to make the selection, purchase and delivery of home medical supplies easier.  Of course the web offers many options for your home care supply needs, but at we're committed to developing the content, resources and technology you need to make an informed choice (even if that means we have to send you somewhere else!).

You can compare items, subscribe to items and use our interactive product companions to narrow your choices by your personal parameters. We'll be working behind the scenes to make sure you can effectively compare apples to apples and make the best choice for your need and budget. 

While we make your home care medical supply purchasing process easier, we're also working to make the world a better place with SkyBlueCares™, our charitable program where we choose a new charity every quarter for whom we collect, aggregate and match donations! This allows us to give back to our wider community and enable our customers to easily and safely support important causes. 

Thank you for visiting, - we hope to see you often!

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